Clinical Consulting

Clinical Consulting

MedNetwoRx offers clinical services consulting to assist you in optimizing your processes and workflows. We analyze your scheduling, billing, and patient flow to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

We advise you on the best software selection for your practice including Electronic Health Record solutions. MedNetwoRx also helps you navigate government statutes in today’s highly regulated climate.


MedNetwoRx has particular expertise in the practice of ophthalmology. According to research done by Global Intelligence, the market and industry of ophthalmic devices and instrumentation is expected to reach $28 billion by 2016. This results in a 2.5% compound growth rate from 2009 to 2016.

According to The State of the Optometric Profession, 2013, there will be a 16% increase in the number of optometrists between 2012 and 2022. This is an addition of 6,300 additional optometrists over the next decade. MedNetwoRx can provide consulting to grow these practices.

  • Stimulate greater demand for refractive services
  • Reduce the interval between eye exams
  • Identify patients with insurance coverage and help market to them
  • Consult on effectively interfacing with insurers on behalf of patients
  • Increase demand for corrective devices for current patients
  • Improve efficiency in service delivery for increasing numbers of insured patients and reimbursement limits.

Who We Are

MedNetworx enables your practice to thrive by providing up-to-date IT services tailored to your organization, no matter the size. Our company was founded by healthcare professionals who understand the clinical aspect of practice management and the technology to make your office run efficiently while maintaining compliance.