U.S Based Support

All work and support is local to the United Statesand centralized in Dallas, Texas.


Workflow and services are tailored to the practice, not the other way around.

Expect More

Our exceptional experience provides quick claim turnaround.


Our RevWorx Financial Analytics and Protection Team is committed to making the process easier and more efficient to accelerate the practice into success. RevWorx is MORE than a billing service. We are your partners, focused on staying up to date with the constant guideline changes, so the practice can focus on patient care.

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We strive to build and maintain REAL client relationships. We build your RCM team with experienced staff members, focused on your specialty.

Constant Communication

MedNetworx INVESTS in the development of our staff and your staff. We perform frequent check-ins to keep your practice compliant, as well as provide continuous education, support and guidance.

Practice Centric

We UNDERSTAND that each practice is unique, and to provide that tailored experience, we work closely with your practice for optimal efficiency and performance.


MedNetworx was built by healthcare professionals who understand the clinical and professional aspects of the medical practice. We’ve been providing tailored services to our customers for over 20 years.

Full Access

With MedNetworx, you have full access to our suite of products.

Multi-Platform Success

MedNetworx supports several PM/EHR platforms including:

  • Allscripts
  • Aprima/eMDs
  • Centricity/Athenahealth
  • EyeMD EMR
  • iMedicWare/EyeCare Leaders
  • MedEvolve
  • Medisoft/eMDs

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Cloud Hosting

We provide cloud hosting that’s secure, cost-effective, performant, and centralized. From setup to ubiquitous availability, we take on the stress and strain of maintaining massive server closets and IT teams, letting you focus on what matters most for your profession.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management is crucial. Our RevWorx Financial Analytics and Protection Team is committed to making the process easier and more efficient to accelerate your practice into success. RevWorx is more than a billing service. We are your partners, focused on staying up to date with the constant guideline changes, so your practice can focus on patient care.

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Data Analytics

We have powerful and intelligent business analytics that tell the true story of how your practice is performing. Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we make sense of your information through industry-relevant dashboards which allow you to monitor the data and health of your practice.

Managed Services

When it comes to product knowledge, our customer service and field technicians have extensive experience in a range of operating systems and are familiar with the support solutions from major hardware vendors. Our field technicians are also seasoned experts in integrating diagnostic equipment, such as DICOM and PACS, with related EHR, viewing, or other related software. Plus, they are knowledgeable in networking configuration and vendor communication.

Desktop Management

To ensure the security of your workstations, we employ the latest EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) software and monitor it 24/7. Cloud-based centralized management, like tickets, network monitoring, software patching, and anti-malware, also helps you save money by eliminating the need for a server room with bulky equipment and its associated maintenance costs. Additionally, a monthly report includes information on workstation health, active and inactive user status, support tickets, SPAM filtering, and any malware activity, so you have an up-to-date overview of your IT world.

IT Security

Whether the disaster is wind, rain, fire, or theft, MedNetworx has your back. Through offsite backups, monthly reports, and extensive disaster recovery plans for all practice sizes, we work hard to minimize hardship and mitigate data loss. With our HIPAA-compliant and secure distributed data centers, your practice has the upper hand against bad actors. We also offer email and domain hosting so you don’t have to worry about virtualization, encryption, secure e-mail, cloud backups, EMR hosting and support, antivirus, enterprise hardware sales and support, and much more.

Practice Management & Electronic Health Records

Our clinical consulting teams are experts in transformational services for your practice. We can be your optimization partner, analyzing scheduling, billing, patient flow and much more to find paths of improvement.


Now, with CredentialWorx, a long-term success service, we can take the painstaking complexity of provider credentialing off your shoulders.

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    Who We Are

    MedNetworx enables your practice to thrive by providing up-to-date IT services tailored to your organization, no matter the size. Our company was founded by healthcare professionals who understand the clinical aspect of practice management and the technology to make your office run efficiently while maintaining compliance.