About Us



Our company was founded by healthcare professionals who understand the clinical aspect of practice management and the technology to make your office run efficiently while maintaining compliance.

Stay Ahead Of Regulations

Keeping up with the latest updates and demands placed on our industry can be at times difficult. Mednetworx keeps you ahead of the game, spotting potential pressure points in your compliance and regulation standards and helping you address them – it’s as easy as that.

Up Your Financial Flow

Capitol is critical to building a thriving business. Because of this, Mednetworx has invested energy into developing time-tested, well-worn strategies to alleviate the burdens commonly associated with managing and distributing your financial resources.

Embrace New Tech

We get it – with all the innovation surrounding our industry, it can seem overwhelming to know where you can begin to incorporate it all into your flow. This is where we come in. We help you find the perfect software solution, walking beside you to set up, teach and empower your staff to truly be cutting-edge.

Get Personalized Help

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. This is why Mednetworx offers personalized, one-on-one consultation and help, here whenever you need it. Our team gets this stuff, and wants to make sure you thrive. Why not reach out today?

Services That Amaze.

Take a look at some of the fantastic services Mednetworx can provide you with. From clinical consulting to hosting services, we’ve got your back.

Clinical Consulting

MedNetwoRx offers clinical services consulting to assist you in optimizing your processes and workflows. We analyze your scheduling, billing, and patient flow to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Operational Consulting

Our consultants can help determine optimal workflows, more intelligent scheduling templates, achieve higher utilization rates, breakdown capacity constraints, and achieve optimal resource leveling given a highly complex set of workflows.

MIPS & MACRA Services

MedNetwoRx helps your organization address risk management, information security, HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements keeping you focused on patient care.

Health Information Technology

Helping you design strategies and solutions for your organization to evolve and compete, we help optimize the value of your HIT solution to deliver the best care possible to your patients.


Secure, reliable and scalable, Mednetworx takes the headache out of managing your data. Using our time-tested experience, we come alongside you, assisting in the setup and care of your data through custom cloud-based solutions.

Managed Services

Our services include Cloud Information Technology Solutions Providers, Virtualization, Encryption, Secure E-Mail, Cloud Backup, EMR Hosting/Support, Antivirus, Enterprise Hardware Sales and Support, and so much more.

Our Partners

We at Mednetworx partner with a variety of software solutions, designed to make your job easier. We stand by these revolutionary services, and believe they can radically transform how you run your practice. Feel free to look over our partners, or reach out to us with any questions.

Products to ease your practice

Medflow EMR is designed specifically for eye care professionals. Medflow has been certified for Meaningful Use Stage 2.

GE’s Centricity™ Practice Solution integrates EMR and practice management software into a single solution. The modules may also be used independently. A highly interoperable solution, the Centricity Practice Solution can share data with existing clinical or financial systems. This is a flexible platform that can help you adapt to regulatory changes as they occur.

Healthcare information technology that provides flexible scheduling and reporting with easy to configure software. It is an ideal Practice Management solution to integrate with the popular Ophthalmology-centered Medflow EMR.


Certified EHR (EMR/EPM) software specifically designed to deliver EMR, EPM, and ASC software solutions for ophthalmology practices and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) of any size, specialty, and scope.


Aprima PRM is our solution for small to mid-sized healthcare organizations that are looking for a proven integrated Practice Management System and Electronic Health Record.

Rated the #1 Most Utilized EHR solutions in the nation, Allscripts Enterprise EHR is an acclaimed and popular solution for mid-large sized healthcare organizations. As a robust EHR solution, Enterprise EHR is scalable to support large, multi-specialty communities and offers the provider the functionality they need to provide excellent patient care.

Our Staff

Our company culture is one of the fundamental things which separates us from our competitors. This is evident when you work with one of our staff – the pride and care each of us take in assisting and empowering each of our customers. We’ve worked hard to develop a group of talented individuals, crazy about serving you – the client – however particular the need.

We hope you take a moment to look over a few of the men and women who make our company stand above the rest. If you have any questions, or have a job inquiry, please visit our contacts page, and we’d love to help you further.

Who We Are

MedNetworx enables your practice to thrive by providing up-to-date IT services tailored to your organization, no matter the size. Our company was founded by healthcare professionals who understand the clinical aspect of practice management and the technology to make your office run efficiently while maintaining compliance.